Colin Says/Does The Darndest Things

This Tumblr is dedicated to my friend Colin Ainsworth, of Widener University. You'll know you've met him because of all the wacky shit he says and does. Sometimes he is fun to be around, other times it's frusterating to even acknowledge the stuff that he either says or believes in. But at the end of the day. That's Just Colin. Enjoy the absurd, deranged, loony, unpredictable that is Colin. The best part is, this is a complete secret and he'll never find out about it. But it's up to you not to let him know about "That's Just Colin"

By the way, the Portrait represents his role model in life....old Joe the Camel...

“can we just go out and kill someone?”

Colin and I explaining how to make an epic fight scene in his kitchen

im on colins computer at his house

he’s listening to “Surfing with the Alien” in the shower….before he went in he asked me if Joe Satriani uses the same warming oil he uses to masturbate in the shower

“"I guess sometimes you’ve got to pay to live, and by live I mean that guy was gonna stab us" - brandon herbert walker bush miller III the great”
colin just quoted this on facebook for me HAHA

so apparently Colin’s latest “be cool” scheme, is to dress like he is a castmember of Miami Vice…….

“I don’t have the money to get fucked up, we were going to drop $4 at Liberty and talk about our problems like factory workers.”
Colin, about going to the bar.
“Slow it down, save a life, slow it down, show me what your slowin’ with! I just want to get some DRANK, the slow your roll of a new generation.”
Colin while driving by a road work sign that read “SLOW DOWN SAVE A LIFE” 
“This is why you shouldn’t gamble. Because comming down from having a lot and then losing it is like comming down from doing blow.”
Colin at the Casino with me lastnight

colin came and hung out with us for the first night in our new apartment

we watched burn victim videos and bumfights by his request.

“first few weeks always suck, such as when i’m driving home at 4:00 a.m. and my mental autopilot for “home” takes me to 511 e. 13th street chester pa instead of my parent’s house…”
Colin talking about his fraternity house
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